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Mineral nutrition for dogs. Ideal for slef-blenders and Barfers. The high content of calcium and phosphorus in a ratio of 2:1 is ideal for self-blending and Barfing. It complements the basic nutrients with minerals in natural proportions. Without vitamin supplements!

Minerals, vegetable by-products..

Crude protein 5.5%, Crude fat 1.8%, Crude fibre 0.8%, Ash 81%, Calcium 30%,
Phosphorus 14%, Sodium 0.4%, Magnesium 0.2%.

Young animals and pregnant / nursing animals receive twice the daily ration. The dosage may be varied according to the animal. Mineral & Fit Special Bone Meal can be mixed in, or sprinkled over the food. Body weight – g/per day. (1 teaspoon = approx. 10g, 1 tablespoon = approx. 30g) Up to 5 kg – 5g / day, up to 10 kg: – 10g, up to 20 kg: – 20g, up to 35 kg: – 30g a day. For larger animals use the corresponding dose.


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